How to Restore or Recover Photos You Deleted from Google+ Photos.

Google Plus Photos has a trash folder where your deleted photos are stored for 60 days. Did you know that? Read on for more!

How to Restore or Recover Photos You Deleted from Google+ Photos.

You can find it by clicking “More” and then “Trash” or you can use this link. Google says that the “items will be permanently deleted after 60 days” . There is also an option to delete the photos permanently from the trash folder just like your PC or Mac.

How to Restore or Recover Photos You Deleted from Google+ Photos.

Here is a bit more info from the Google support page:

“Photos and videos you move to trash in Google+ are stored for a short period of time before they are permanently deleted. If you move an item to trash, and later want to retrieve it, you can do so by following these instructions: select Photos from the Google+ navigation menu, click More and select Trash from the dropdown, click one or many checkboxes to select photos and choose Restore to return these photos back to Google+. These photos will be restored to the same album(s) they were located prior to being moved to trash. To permanently delete photos, select the items you’d like to delete, and click Delete permanently.”

Yet another reason to store photos Google Plus?

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  • Joyce

    I see the hundreds of photos in “Trash” from the dozen or more Picasa web albums that disappeared much to my dismay, fright, etc. I want to Restore ALL of them. Selecting one at a time is much too time consuming and frustrating. Please help!

    • What if you accidently permantaly erased a photo or video from google plus is there anyway to recover it?

  • Melissa Perez

    I deleted my photos from my Google account because I didn’t know other people could see them. But then they were deleted from my phone too! Someone please help me get them back on my phone!

    • Shiro

      That happened to me as well. Its frustrating because I had pictures that were important to me on there

  • anash

    Please advise if un-backup photos can be restore..thanks

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