Google recently enabled HTTPS search  by default. This means every search query that you enter in to Google, is encrypted while sending and receiving results from Google.

HTTPS search was a feature limited to users logged in to their Google accounts. But now, all Google searches go encrypted. This is a small tutorial showing you all how to skip this feature and search without HTTPS.

Note: HTTPS search is enabled for your security and privacy.

How to Search using HTTP on Google

Just go to or add “&nord=1″ to a Google search URL, while replacing “https” with “http”. (“nord” comes from “no redirect”)

So, why would you want to use Google without HTTPS?

I can find a few reasons: maybe you want to use the highlighting feature of the Google Cache, maybe you want to send your query in Google referrals or you want to load search results pages a little bit faster, says Alex of Google System.