How to Disable Google Secure Search

Google recently enabled HTTPS search  by default. This means every search query that you enter in to Google, is encrypted while sending and receiving results from Google.

HTTPS search was a feature limited to users logged in to their Google accounts. But now, all Google searches go encrypted. This is a small tutorial showing you all how to skip this feature and search without HTTPS.

Note: HTTPS search is enabled for your security and privacy.

How to Search using HTTP on Google

Just go to or add “&nord=1” to a Google search URL, while replacing “https” with “http”. (“nord” comes from “no redirect”)

So, why would you want to use Google without HTTPS?

I can find a few reasons: maybe you want to use the highlighting feature of the Google Cache, maybe you want to send your query in Google referrals or you want to load search results pages a little bit faster, says Alex of Google System.