How To Take Partial Screenshots On Android

Whenever you want to share a part of your Android phone's screen through screenshot, the only way is to take screenshot of the entire screen and then crop it the way you want. Looks like this is going to change. The latest version of Android has a hidden feature. This is an upcoming Android feature. […] Read More

Did You Try Google Assistant’s “Subscriptions” Yet?

I have been playing around with Google Assistant that comes with the Allo messenger for some time now. By far the most useful and interesting feature seems to be "Subscriptions". Subscriptions are recurring actions that you can ask Assistant to perform on a daily basis, at  a specified time. For example, you can have Assistant […] Read More

How To Play Solitaire and Tic Tac Toe in Google Search

Here is one more challenge to your productivity, this time built right into the Google search box. Play Solitaire or Tic Tac Toe. Getting started with Solitaire on Google search is simple. Simply type Solitaire into the search box and you should see the "Click To Play" invitation right there. Click the "Click to Play" […] Read More

How To Find Your Activity On All Google Services and Delete Or Disable Them

If you are an avid Google user, it is likely that Google has a lot of information about your activity online. Google uses this information to provide you more useful services across their services. However, what if you want to see all this saved information and clear some  or all of it? Here is how […] Read More

Google Allo – How To Switch Devices

You started using Google Allo on a phone and now want to change to a new device that you bought. Google Allo however can be installed and active only on one device per account. So, how do you switch from one device to another ? Allo is connected to your phone number and also your […] Read More

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