Google Allo – How To Switch Devices

You started using Google Allo on a phone and now want to change to a new device that you bought. Google Allo however can be installed and active only on one device per account. So, how do you switch from one device to another ? Allo is connected to your phone number and also your […] Read More

How To Send Free SMS Via Google Allo

I like Allo, but I'll admit, the way Allo manages messages is a bit confusing. People wanted to make Allo their default text messaging app, and that also adds to the confusion. A clever way that Google markets Allo to new users is this: if you send messages to people who do not have Allo […] Read More

How To Download and Install Google Allo

According to Google, Allo is a messaging app that makes conversations easier, more productive, and more expressive. If you have used WhatsApp, things will be familar and easy for you. Here is how to Download and install Google Allo on your Android and iOS devices. Allo is a free app. If you are an Android User, […] Read More

Search Files from Your Google Drive using Your Phone’s Google Search App

Google has made it easy for us to search files that we have stored in Google Drive. If you have an Android phone, you can search your files without even opening the Google Drive app. Google Search app on Android can now search Google Drive files too. All you have to do is say "On […] Read More

How to Save Bandwidth While Watching Videos on Youtube’s Mobile App

Youtube's mobile app has this nifty feature that you can use to save bandwidth on your mobile data plan. Youtube app can download audio only while playing in the background. So, if you are playing music using the Youtube app, and do not really need the video part of it, just play the app in […] Read More

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